Chloe and the Lighthouse by CT Horvath

Chloe and the Lighthouse
Chloe and the Lighthouse
by C.T. Horvath

New Mystery Series

Now Available!
Chloe and the Lighthouse by CT Horvath, Mystery Series

The first in a new mystery series featuring Katy Hawkins and Chloe, her feline companion.

"A murderer walks unnoticed hiding a dark obsession...

A lighthouse holds a ghostly and ghastly secret worth killing for...

And will Katy solve the crime before her plans go up in smoke?

Leaving her painful past, Katy Hawkins heads up her favorite coastal highway hoping to find purpose and peace. With Chloe at her side, they stumble across a charming village nestled in the arms of the Pacific. But things are not as cozy as they appear. A smoldering ash-filled lighthouse hides a secret and a murder that the town is trying hard to keep quiet.

Better at massaging muscles than solving mysteries, Katy vows to find the killer of the rising artist burnt to death in her studio. Her path leads to secrets buried beneath smoldering ash, a tragic love affair gone up in smoke, an arsonist bent on destroying the town, and a ghost silently waiting for resolution and release.

As Katy frantically searches for the pieces of the puzzle, Chloe noses around and finds the rat who has brought death and destruction to this homey seaside town.

But when the murder's obsession turns to Katy, will Chloe be able to save her in time?